Video upload rules

These rules apply to any person who uploads a video to the network of websites operated by Ltd.  If you do not agree to these rules, do not upload a video.

For the purpose of these rules, “video content” means any text, software, scripts, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisual combination and interactive features.

These rules are to be read in conjunction with the User Supplied Video Service terms and conditions (for private sellers) or your PSS (for dealers).

Video content

  1. Video content must be directly related to the item and accurately represent the item.
  2. Videos cannot be used for any commercial purpose outside the sale of the item, including promoting any other product or service.
  3. Video content must not contain any unlawful, fraudulent, misleading, obscene, offensive or defamatory content.
  4. Video Content must not contain reckless driving e.g. drag racing, deliberate loss of traction or excessive speeding (“hoon” activity).  
  5. Video Content must not contain any branding or third party marketing material
  6. Video content must not disclose any personal information (e.g. surname, address or contact details) of any individuals including dealers or private sellers.
  7. Video content must not include seller contact details- these will be in the ad details.
  8. Video content must not contain a slideshow(s) of images.
  9. Private sellers must not include music in their videos (unless with carsales’ prior written consent).
  10. Dealers may include music in their videos if they are sure they have the necessary rights. A licence to play background music in your dealership is unlikely to cover use in an advertisement. 
  11. Voice recordings can be included.
  12. Any person(s) appearing in the video by person or voice must have provided consent.
  13. You must make sure you own the video and have rights to use all content in it.


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